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Housekeeping Services

An employee associated with housekeeping job may work as an Executive Housekeeper or Supervisor in the same field. The executive mainly deals with overall housekeeping practices such as cleaning and placing all things in appropriate places, washing of dirty areas by using equipment like vacuum cleaners and cleaning solvents, proper disposal of waste materials and many more. They are meant to report to the head supervisor for any major repair or requirement for proper housekeeping. However, definite set of standards are supposed to be prepared for conducting housekeeping work in suitable manner. At the same time, the employee's work is monitored by using checklist method.

Duties of Housekeeping Work

The duties in housekeeping work may vary on the basis of position you are working for. Following are some basic duties mentioned below:

  1. Proper cleaning and washing of rooms, floors and bathrooms in places like offices, warehouses, homes and likewise.
  2. Perform dusting of each and every item and placing them in the right place.
  3. Remove the unnecessary items and safely dispose the waste products or say garbage.
  4. Check for water leakage or spills in places especially bathrooms.
  5. Use proper cleaning materials and equipment such as vacuum cleaners and cleaning solvents, etc.
  6. Perform kitchen maintenance work such as washing dishes, pantry or kitchen floors.
  7. Solving customer's queries as per their needs.
  8. Definite precautions should be taken while performing housekeeping work.

Requirements for Housekeeping Work

A housekeeping employee should be physically and mentally strong. As housekeeping work may demand physical work such as lifting or shifting things from one place to another. At the same time, housekeeping work is basically the group of several kinds of work, so you may require adapting yourself as per the requirement. On the other side, supervisor has to make sure that proper training should be provided to newly joined staffs for smooth working. At the same time, they are responsible to schedule work for each and every employee regarding housekeeping work.

Essential Skills for Housekeeping Work

Team working ability - Mostly, housekeeping work is performed as a team work in places like corporate offices and plants, therefore team work skills can significantly make its contribution to the work.

Leadership quality - If you are into senior position such as head supervisor of housekeeping, then you must acquire leadership quality for monitoring the performance of employees in the organization.

Excellent communication skills - As housekeeping employee face guests and people regarding their work, so must possess a good communication skill for establishing a healthy conversation with them.

Time-management skills - You should be able to prioritize your duties while supervising housekeeping work as it involves varied kinds of practices.

Organizational behaviour - The housekeeping employees has to be organized about their duties and responsibilities for exhibiting the justifiable role in their profession.

Work Environment in Housekeeping Work

A housekeeping employee can either work under any homeowner or can perform in a team in some large organization. As a result, the housekeeping work is performed in shifts and hence definite working hours are allotted to such work. You can experience a hectic and organized working environment around yourself.

Hence, we can conclude that housekeeping work is one of the crucial parts of entire functionality of any working places like corporate offices, warehouses, store areas and many more. On the other side, it can also be performed under the supervision of any homeowner.

Customer Requirements

  1. Clean and Hygienic premises to match the international standards that motivate its employees.
  2. Control performance by awarding a contract for a fixed period.
  3. Consistency in quality of work of contact agency.
  4. Expertise from professional house keeping company.
  5. Monitoring of the work through periodic meeting with agency and not run the contract on day-to-day basis for the agency.
  6. Agency that can provide all cleaning related services in a cost-effective manner.
  7. No labour problem including absenteeism and union.
  8. All Statutory Payments are taken care of, as the customer is the principle employer.

Meeting The Needs

  1. OMEGA Facilities Services is a professional group of company having ***** hotels rich practical experience in the House Keeping Industry.
  2. The company organizes training programs at all levels in the company to improve the Quality of work.
  3. Performance on sites is monitored by Supervisors and Managers through a written schedule, Check Lists, Joint Audits with Client and Surprise Checks by even the top management of the company.
  4. We have a streamlined system that saves you the trouble of monitoring day-to-day cleaning.
  5. We put an emphasis on preventive maintenance and help postponing renovation expenses.
  6. We rotate employees on regular basis.
  7. The company pays the wages as prescribed under the local law and we have our own ESI and PF code no’s and all statutory payments are paid as per law and a proof of the same can be submitted as and when asked.