CCTV Cameras in Delhi India

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is primarily used in the field of security, reduces project costs. CCTV enables cost-effective supervision leading to enhanced productivity and quality management. Widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, research centers, schools, colleges, crèches and schools. CCTV is highly used in for monitoring automated works in hazardous areas. These are too much used in factories, industries etc. Now one can say CCTV camera are put anywhere one wants.

Industries are increasingly installing CCTV to monitor production lines, workshops, and for monitoring automated work in hazardous areas. wholesale and retail outlets, clubs and sports centers. The list is endless, from high security zones to wards for new-born babies, the sick and the elderly.

Uses of CCTV Camera

  1. Crime Prevention
  2. Prevalence
  3. Hacking and Video Art
  4. Industrial Processes
  5. Traffic Monitoring
  6. Transport Safety
  7. Control of Retail
  8. Criminal Use

Remote Video Surveillance

Remote video surveillance or dial in video brings your office, factory, operation theatres, hotels etc within your view from the comfort of your bedroom via your PC or Laptop. Restaurant chains can be monitored from a central point and operation theatres can be viewed by specialist from their homes. Factory owners can monitor operation any time of day or night from their homes. Its usage is limited only by ones imagination.