Bomb Suppression Blanket in India

Bomb Suppression Blankets

Bomb Blast Suppression Blankets are used to suppress and contain the blast and fragmentation from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). These blast blankets are useful for mitigating IEDs containing relatively smaller charges, such as what might be contained in a small briefcase or a pipe bomb.

Each blanket includes a Ballistic Collar which is placed on its edge around the suspected IED. The Blanket is then placed over the Collar and IED. The Collar directs the force of the IED blast upwards into the Blanket which contains most of the fragments from the explosion. Two or more Collars and Blast Blankets can be used to suppress a larger size IED.

The multiple layer ballistic filler material is enclosed in a heavy duty nylon water resistant cover which is fitted with lifting straps and clearly marked with 'DANGER'. Both Blanket and Collar fold into a compact, easily carried bag.